About RISE

Dream no small dreams. They have no power to stir the souls of men. Victor Hugo

Welcome to RISE. This collection of photos and stories shares a journey that celebrates hope, in the midst of adversity. From eight countries in the developing world, images of courage, endeavour and grace unfold, as seen through the eyes of talented young photographers.

For over a decade, the Legatum Foundation has funded thousands of small, community-based organisations across the developing world, in places where the need is greatest. In many cases, only a modest initial grant is required to build upon an existing project and to ensure its sustainability.

To witness the effects of these projects is to see lives — millions of lives — changing as a result of community initiatives run by local people. The privilege of supporting such people is at once humbling and deeply inspiring. Eight photographers were specially commissioned by Legatum to travel the world to explore our Foundation’s grant portfolio, and to create an unforgettable photographic record of what they saw.

The power of photography in telling these stories is twofold. Not only does it act as evidence of lives being changed positively around the world, but it also helps us to see this world, our world, differently. Despite the difficult, sometimes dangerous, living conditions depicted in these pages, we are not looking at victims. Rather, we find courageous people working together, choosing to take positive action for change in the most challenging of circumstances.


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