The Legatum Foundation would like to recognise the incredible work that those on the frontline of development undertake every day to make the world a better place for people who are suffering. The RISE book is about them and the extraordinary way they make a difference.

We would also like to thank Geneva Global and the many partner organisations involved in the projects depicted in RISE, for their generosity of time and their hospitality towards the photographers. To the Foto8 team with whom we produced the book, we would like to thank Jon Levy, Steve Macleod, Max Houghton and all the photographers involved in the project for their sensitivity with the subject, along with their editing and design expertise.

Throughout the process of putting RISE together we have been mindful of and immensely grateful to the subjects themselves who have opened their lives to us, shared their stories and participated in this book.

Their goal, like ours, is to pass on the knowledge and be part of the solution to many of the challenges they face. In this endeavour we thank you the viewer for engaging and to take up the challenge of our opening quotation to be ambitious and employ education as an effective form of prevention for the future.