Stories of Hope and Change

A selection of life change stories drawn from our projects in the field.

Vision for the Future

On Tuesday Edward Koni was completely blind. On Wednesday he went to St Paul's Mission Hospital in Zambia and was given cataract surgery on both eyes. A remarkable story of life change in the Valley of the Blind.

Volunteering for Change

Burundi has been struggling to find its equilibrium since the civil war of the 1990s, which radically altered its infrastructure and its economy, as well as diminishing its population and displacing many survivors into neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Returning Hope

China's Yunnan province is defined in part by the feeling of transience it exudes, as the gateway for much traffic - legal, illegal, human, commodities - coming and going between three countries that border it: Laos, Vietnam and Burma. The border regions are the main routes for drug trafficking, used to move heroin from the so-called "Golden Triangle" into China. Many thousands of people move in and out of the province on a daily basis as migrant workers.

A Lifeline to Learning

Mali is often described as one of Africa's leading intellectual and cultural beacons, especially its beautiful capital city, Bamako. Despite free public education for all provided in principle by the government, many Malians are not getting the access to learning they need, due to the cost of school uniforms, books and often an enrollment fee of 3,000 CFA Francs (about EUR 4.60). Literacy rates for adults stand at below 50 percent.

Bringing Light

Even before the 2010 earthquake that struck the country routinely described as "the poorest in the Western Hemisphere" it was clear that money alone would not make a dent in Haiti's inventory of problems. A single solution could not promise to ameliorate the effects of poverty, environmental degradation and poor public health. To begin to implement change on the scale needed, a protean approach is necessary, with an emphasis on mass involvement at a local level. With that involvement comes not...